Tarnobrzeg, Wisłostrada


Property area approx: 33 000 m2

ownership Law Title:


A property meant for commercial development is the object of the transaction. The property is located in Tarnobrzeg at Wisłostrada Street.

The location benefits from favourable orientation, and the road infrastructure allows for high traffic, both from the city and local towns.

Heavy vehicle traffic and nearby housing developments boost the location’s desirability. Other assets of the property:

  • situated by the route leading from the city to the Tarnobrzeg special economic zone, which provides a high number of employment opportunities. Major investors: Pilkington Automotive, Siarkopol, and others
  • situated right next to a route leading to Lake Tarnobrzeg, the city’s primary recreational area


Lot: approx. 33,000 square meters

Title of ownership

Local Development Plan – yes, perpetual usufruct, allowing facilities over 2,000 square meters

Catchment area:

– approx. 42,000 people within a 10-minute drive

approx. 87,000 people within a 20-minute drive