About Us

At D&D, we manage the entire project process, from seeking and purchasing land through handling legal formalities and obtaining all relevant permits up to construction work and handing over the completed project for use. We supply the market with modern facilities that provide local communities with products and services matching the newest trends in the industry and can be easily and conveniently accessed. We provide spaces for meetings, recreation and leisure, and allow basic needs to be satisfied in locations where they had not been available earlier.

We specialise in gas stations, fast-food restaurants, discount groceries and retail parks. We rely on dynamic action supported by modern technology and driven by an experienced and well-knit team. The solutions we created and have been using allow us to supply highest quality investment products in a timely fashion, meeting the high standards of our clients. We solve problems, remove obstacles and always plan several steps ahead.

In our everyday work we use our own innovative map tools that allow us to quickly and effectively select potential pieces of real estate on a particular micromarket and analyse them in various ways, such as distance to competitor facilities (both operational and under construction), road density, distribution of population or local zoning plans. With such information we can evaluate the potential location using multiple criteria. We have a wide-ranging database of verified plots of land and we can use it to immediately present the client with attractive real estate once we input the required parameters.