Łomża, Nowogrodzka


Property area approx: 7800 m2

Law Title: ownership

MPZP: studium

The property is meant for commercial development and is situated in close proximity to a planned chain retail establishment. The location is conveniently situated on a major main road in Łomża. The property benefits from favourable orientation, and the road infrastructure allows for high traffic, including both right and left turn options. The average daily traffic on Nowogrodzka Street is about 10,000 vehicles.

Catchment area:

– 5 min, 12,000 residents,

– 10 min, 43,000 residents.

The property exhibits a high potential for commercial use due to its location among detached residential developments and newly constructed commercial and production sites. High traffic to peri-urban areas.

Potential development for an approx. 1,000 square meter commercial establishment.